Sunday, July 29, 2012

LOVE: Ulyana Sergeenko

Hey Ladies,
I don't really talk about fashion that much on here because I'm not the most fashionable person, when I started this blog I was only 17! Since then my love of fashion has grown and I have finally found my style so I think I might do a couple "Outfits Of The Day" posts every now and again. As my sense of fashion developed I began reading fashion blogs and flicking through Tumblr when I stumbled across the most amazing designer I have EVER seen.

Ulyana Sergeenko is a former model and a photographer from Russia who has a wicked sense of style and is making a huge name for herself in the fashion world. I would describe her clothes as 1950's Gothic mashed together with a splash of sweetness. I have included some of her latest pieces which are sure to make you drool.

 This one is my favourite! I can imagine my wedding dress looking like this! 

Keep your eyes peeled for Ulyana because she is going to be HUGE!

*These are not my images, all images from Google*


  1. OMG you are so right, I love everyone of these dresses thanks for sharing :)

    Tanesha x

    1. They are gorgeous! Shame you can't buy them anywhere! x

  2. God if I could sew I would so attempt to make these!!

    1. I know if you manage make me one too! ;) I think the one with the sheer lace skirt will be my wedding dress! x