Monday, September 24, 2012

Crest Whitening Strips!

Hey Ladies,
Over the last couple of years we have become a lot more concerned with our appearance and the one thing that really has taken off is teeth whitening. The desire to have pearly whites has made us try out anything and everything that claims to whiten teeth from Pearl Drops to strips. We are constantly bombarded with images of "beautiful people" who's teeth would glow in a dark room! I have always been rather uncomfortable about my teeth, feeling as if they weren't white enough which was a real confidence knock but fortunately I no longer have that problem.

When I began watching YouTube videos many moons ago,there was a lot of talk about Crest Whitening Strips which up until then I had never heard off. After a quick Google trip I was on the hunt to find some as they seemed to be the holy grail of whitening products. Unfortunately these strips aren't sold in Ireland, you can only buy them in the US or online. I finally got my hands on some when my boyfriend went to New York in 2011 and loved them so much I have been using them ever since.

There is quite a range of strips to cater to different needs and with roughly 24 sachets in a box costing between $30-50 it is quite reasonable compared to the dental process which is about €200. The instructions recommends you use one strip per day for 14 days or for a more intensive treatment twice a day for 7 days. I noticed results within 3 days, I recommend you take a before picture to compare your results once you are finished the box.

The application is quite easy all you need to do is peel the long strip and apply to your top teeth making sure to fold the excess behind your teeth. Then taking the smaller strip do the same process for the bottom teeth. Leave on for 30 minutes making sure not to eat or drink then simply peel off. There is no residue or taste from the strip and it most certainly doesn't hurt.

I can assume by now you are asking yourself does this damage your teeth? I have been using these strips for almost two years now and I can safely say no it will not damage your teeth. I have been to the dentist numerous times and asked was there any damage the answer was always no which is fantastic! I have included some pictures of my teeth and these strips so I apologise in advance for my nasty chipped teeth it is so strange that my teeth don't look bad in person but they photograph horribly!

As I said before you can only get these strips online or in the US unfortunately. I am heading to NY in February and it is safe to say I will be stocking up on them when I am there!


  1. I just bought some of these from America on ebay. I did notice some sensitivity but sensodyne tooth paste sorted it out. X

    1. I noticed the smallest amount of sensitivity on my bottom teeth so I only whiten my top teeth but no harm :) How are you liking them so far?