Friday, February 01, 2013

It All Starts Now....


Well 2013 has fast approached and gave us all a bit of a fright, it feels like I blinked and 2012 was gone. I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and got lots of lovely presents. A new year is like a blank canvas of possibilities and what a better way to kick off a new year of blogging than to share my aspirations for the coming year. I will mark the list off as completed as I make my way through it! I know this post is well overdue and you are probably repulsed by the title as the blogosphere has been inundated with posts about resolutions, diets and the likes since the end of 2012. This year I took my time to gather my thoughts and make a good list that I can stick to!

Find the perfect pale foundation (Completed)
Be an unconditionally loving godmother, due in July.
Buy a good coat for New York (Completed)
Make someones day (Completed)
Cook a meal from scratch
Buy a new carpet
Organise my makeup kit so it is somewhat professional
Go on an unplanned holiday
Buy a YSL lipstick (Completed)
Pass my driving test
Be confident
Start my YouTube account (Completed)
Blog once a week (at least)
Buy a Michael Kors bag (Completed)
Get a look I've done published in print
Download all of my favourite songs and walk through Central Park, NY.
Write a letter to someone
Reach a 100 followers on my blog
Go to a One Direction concert with Jodie
Re-design blog (Completed)
Go to a spa and get a massage and facial
Continue with my memory book (Completed)
Vlog my trips abroad
Build a make-up portfolio that I am proud of
Stand up for myself and stop being a push over
Buy a laptop (Completed)
Stop worrying
Check out an abandoned house/building
Make contacts
Visit London again
Be there for a friend

If you have any aspirations for this year please share them in the comments below, I always love to hear other peoples thoughts.

Love always,

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