Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Fresh Start


As you can probably tell the blog has had a bit of a re-vamp. I have been wanting to give it a much needed up date but trying to find a blog designer, think of a new name and wait until it has all been done made me constantly procrastinate! If you want something done, do it yourself... isn't that the saying? Well I have given it my best and I honestly cant believe that I managed the new layout all by myself. I really am slightly challenged with techy things.

But why the name change? As you all know by now I want to start my own YouTube channel (which I am in the process of editing the videos for) and I needed a new name to tie it all in together. Something catchy, memorable and that I wasn't embarrassed to say which was my main problem with previous names. Introducing "What's New With Suzie Q?" which is a pet name that my sister graciously gave me, I also didn't want a silly blog name because blogs are ten a penny and I wanted something simple, slightly different but to the point.

It's all systems a go so make sure your tuned in!

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