Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New York, New York!

Hi Everyone! 

I have just published my first video to YouTube, huzzah! I just put together some of the clips that I took on my recent trip to New York. I mostly wanted to get a feel for what it is like editing a video and uploading as I am a newbie. Hopefully this video is the first of many :)

I also added in some extra pictures in this post so you could see some of the other things we did that I didn't take a clip of! I went to New York in February as my 21st birthday present instead of having a party - I'm a very lucky girl. We flew out the day after my birthday and as we made our way to the airport the news was reporting all flights to New York were cancelled due to a snow storm approaching the city.

Nervously we waited in the airport just waiting for the announcement that our flight was cancelled. But, lucky enough we were the only flight to make it out that day, I've been told the only reason we flew was to allow the cabin crew in the US to come home. I'm not a nervous traveller but it was one of the most frightening experiences, as we approached the US the wind was throwing us around in the air like a kite up, down left and right. We made it into New York just in time, the airport was a ghost town and an hour after we arrived they locked it down. As we made our way to the hotel the snow started and when we arrived there was a good layering all over the city. On the first night we made it into Time Square but the snow was so heavy we returned to the hotel an hour later. And that began our 7 day trip.... I'll let the video and the pictures do the rest of the talking!

Taking off

Our Journey

On our first night there was a massive blizzard which prevented us from going far but we did manage to get as far as Time Square. Here is the view from our window.

The snow the next morning!

They are some serious icicles! 

At the Rockefeller Centre where we wanted to so skating but it had completely snowed over!

Sneaky little purchase

Breakfast at Tiffany's

FAO Schwarz

Barbie's Dream House in Toys'R'Us

Snowy Central Park

Day one haul!

Sunset from our room! In the corner right you can see the Freedom Tower

Testing out the ring lights for the Canon in B&H

Only in America

This is High Line and unused railway that has been turned into a garden walkway. It is 1.45 miles long and is 30 feet in the air so you can see fantastic views of New York

On the day we went there was a snow sculpture competition. This was a little boys creation!

A bunny!

This one is my favourite, a group of people made a skull!

On our travels we went to Long Island to visit a cousin and she kindly took us to the beach and surrounding areas to show us the devastation Hurricane Sandy had caused. In these photos you can see these large T shaped pillars, they are what's left of the board walk.

I went to MAC Pro and spent too much money!

As a present my boyfriend Aaron had booked us in to get our photographs taken with a camera from the 1800's that imprinted the image onto tin. This was one of the best and most nerve wrecking experiences, once the photographer removes the lens you have to stay still for about a minute. 

This is the Kardashian's store DASH

Across from DASH there is a taxidermist. Quite random but they had some many different species of animals and even some human bones.

The nail wheel in Urban Outfitters


The shore line looking at Manhattan from New Jersey

This is the new Freedom Tower to replace the Twin Towers

And then we went on a helicopter... can see more of the footage in my YouTube video

We got the Subway to New Jersey so on the way home we got the ferry instead that left us in Midtown Manhattan

On Valentines Day they turned the Empire State Building pink!

No trip to New York would be complete without a trip to Dylan's Candy Bar. I have a very very sweet tooth and couldn't resist stopping in!

After that we went to MOMA which is the Museum of Modern Art where one of my favourite pieces of artwork is housed Water Lilies by Monet

My lucky number is 7 who apt!

With so many buttons I had such an urge to act out the scene in Elf!

On our last day just before we headed to the airport we stopped by Times Square to see it during the day

I hear a haul video?!

Sorry for such a photo heavy post, I hope to take you all on my future trips! Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don't miss my haul video.

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