Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ship Shape Lips For Summer!


In case you haven't noticed my last beauty post was lip related as I am on a serious lipstick binge and it seems my bank account can't resist a bright pink. Summer is just around the corner and its time to de-flake our lips from their wintry state and prepare for some sun. Today I am bringing you my top four products that will revive any lip condition!

Bubblegum Lip Scrub by Lush
This will be your saving grace if you suffer from chapped lips and can't seem to get rid of the flakiness. Made from castor sugar and jojoba oil it gently scrubs away dead flaky skin to leave your kissers smooth and read for lip balm or lipstick. Lush carries a couple of flavours of lip scrubs such as popcorn and mint julips but personally bubblegum is my favourite. The best part? This product is edible so you can lick away the excess. The price tag? €6.75 and it will last forever, you can find this product in your local Lush or on Lush.co.uk!

EOS Lipbalm
This sphere shaped lip balm has taken the beauty world by storm, with fans all over the globe from the Kardashian's right down to the bloggers and beauty gurus on YouTube. Also containing jojoba oil and shea butter this nourishes lips with no colour payoff so you can replace your Vaseline for this handy little ball. It also come in a range of fruit flavours so there is something there for everyone. I picked mine up in the US but you can find it right here in Ireland on BeautyEmporium.ie for €6.25!

Baby Lips by Maybelline 
Unfortunately this product is currently unavailable in Ireland but with its huge success in the US I have a feeling it wont be long till it arrives on Irish shores. This products promises to protect the lips for 8 hours with its "exclusive lip renew formula" and does it do that? It surely does. I have the shade Grape Vine that smells just like sweet grapes and has a tiny purple tint to it, but with 6 variations I'm sure it won't be hard to find one to suit you. I have heard a rumour that these will launch in April and retail for around €10 but that could just be a rumour considering that it is now the last day of the month! As soon as I spot them I will update this post.

Lip Butter by Korres
If you want a lip balm with more pigment/colour pay off to it then maybe the much talked about Lip Butter by Korres might be the perfect product for you. Fleur De Force on YouTube is a huge fan of this product so I had to try it out. Made from rice wax and shea butter this product leaves the lips deeply moisturised and it is also paraben free! This product also comes in 6 shades/flavour but my personal favourite is Quince which is a pinky red perfect for during the day when I'm not brave enough to wear a red lip! You can find Korres products on ASOS.com and at €10.50 with free shipping, I think you've got yourself a bargain.



  1. Dyyying to try the bubblegum lip scrub, you've convinced me to finally buy if! Great post. X