Thursday, May 02, 2013

Candy Yum Yum!

Hey Ladies,

In keeping with bold bright lips for Summer today I bring you Candy Yum Yum by MAC. I posted a picture of this lipstick on my Instagram recently and thought I should do up a blog post! I bought this back in February in New York and up until the end of 2012 Candy Yum Yum was a limited edition shade that you could only get in the pro stores or when it came out with a collection such as "Quite Cute".

If you are a fan of MAC lipsticks you will already know all about this product. All of MAC lipsticks are super pigmented and smell like vanilla (YUM!) and this lipstick is no exception. It is a long last matte lipstick which means it will last for ages on the lips and is also unique being as it is a matte formulation.

This is a lipstick I think everyone should own, in my last lipstick post (you can read that here) I talked about how I thought a bright lip would look ridiculous with my pale skin but like the OCC Liptar in Nylon this is such a statement lip colour that will really stand out!

Imagine this.... it's Summer 30 degrees and your lying on the beach working on your tan in a teeny bikini looking like a Kardashian! Why not do a Kourtney and go for a bold statement lip?


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