Thursday, May 30, 2013

Get The Look!

Hey Ladies, 

I have a tutorial for you today, HUZZAH! I have been super inspired by the latest Dolce and Gabanna collection, I am a huge fan of anything baroque inspired and when I saw the pictures from the show I wanted recreate the look the models wore on the catwalk. A long time ago I purchased the most amazing lace crown from Rock N' Rose but haven't had a chance to wear it yet and thought it would be perfect for this look although it isn't made from gold and half as beautiful.

Let's crack on....

As you can probably tell I have already applied my foundation and concealer just so this post isn't too photo heavy.

To begin you will need to prime your eyes with an eyeshadow base so the colours will pop, last all day/night long and most importantly won't crease on the eye. Then taking a plain matte vanilla shade sweep it all over the lid and up to the brow bone. We are going to use matte shadows in this look to keep it very natural considering the lip colour will be strong.

Then, apply a matte light brown shadow on the lid and blend up into the crease. Make sure there are no harsh lines.

  Pop a matte brown shadow in the outer corner and blended into the crease to give the eye depth.

Slowly build up the outer corner matte brown shadow to give the eye a feline shape.

At this point, stop open your eyes and make sure it looks softly blended out and even on both eyes.

Next  add the same matte brown on the lower lash line and join it up to the shadow we have built up in the outer corner this will add to the feline shape we have created.

I then added a highlight to the brow bone and inner corner of my eye,

Then start your winged liner, beginning on the lash line slowly draw along the lashes and then as you reach the outer corner draw upwards to create a wing. I find it easiest if you draw along the lashes, then turn your angled brush in the opposite direction and draw from the outer corner to the the line you have created and then fill in the little triangle of empty space to create the winged liner. Try your best to get both eyes even but don't be worried if they don't match up, eyes are sisters not twins! :)

Then move onto your brows begin by brushing through them with a spooley, then taking a brown gel liner slowly draw a line on the bottom section of the brow extending it to the end of your natural shape and create some hair where you may need some.
Make sure to fill in the rest of the brow with a shadow similar colour to your hair to make them more realistic.

Taking a concealer on a flat brush then outline the shape of the brow and clean up any areas where you may have over filled or  need to reshape the brow matching one brow to the other.

To finish off the eyes add your favourite mascara!

Finishing off the look...

Powder the face and apply a contour under the cheek bones. I am not adding blush to my cheeks as I don't want to give the face too much colour but I high light the tops of my cheek bones to give myself a glow. Completely optional if you prefer a matte look.

To start the ombre lip begin by outlining the outside corners of the lips with a berry lip liner and then apply a red lip colour to the centre. To blend the lip colours together go back over the outer corners with the berry shade and blend using a lip brush. Make sure to take a concealer afterwards and line around the lips to correct any mistakes, prevent the lips from bleeding and make the lip shape look super sharp.

For dramatic effect I added lashes, this is completely optional!

Then pop on your crown and voila you're done!

I hope you enjoyed this inspired tutorial as I have plenty more planned for the future! 
Until next time...