Sunday, June 23, 2013

Love Life!

Hi Ladies,

Today's post is a bit less makeup orientated a little bit more fashionable charity! This post will reveal a little bit more about me that you might not already know and give you insight to a great cause that you can support while looking fabulous!

Back in 2010 when I was in college during a regular Tuesday morning I felt something strange in my breast. Not in a creepy way as if I was feeling myself up during class but on that particular day we were doing facials and as part of the routine you had to wear a wrap around towel and remove any clothing from the bust upwards. Immediate panic set in. What is that? Is that a lump?

I put it to the back of my mind but that small lump that I felt began to grow and made me more self conscious about myself. I googled what it was and did a breast check and discovered another lump which I hadn't noticed previously. At this point I felt it was essential to see my doctor and he said that I had to go for a mammogram not to scare me but just to make sure it wasn't cancerous.

19 years of age and I needed to have a mammogram?! When I went for the appointment they said I have two lumps in each of my breasts and they looked to be non-cancerous but they wanted to do a biopsy to double check. The weeks afterwards were the absolute worst as every thought went through my mind about cancer. Thankfully my lumps were non-cancerous but naturally grow at fast pace and I am more prone to growing them which I have noticed is a trend in my family. I have since had all my lumps removed as a precaution but that is completely optional. I now check myself regularly just to be on the safe side! :)

If you have never checked yourself make sure you do IT IS SO IMPORTANT, I know it might seem horrible/embarrassing but you never know what could be there and I have spoken to countless girls about this issue and nine times out of ten they say they don't want to check for fear of what they might find. This link will take to a page with instructions on how to give yourself a quick check. Don't panic if you feel something, it could be just your hormones that create a lump in the breast around the time of the month. The best option I recommend is next time your at the doctors just ask him to check for you, its not embarrassing and he/she has probably done it ten times that day. Your health is the most important thing.

When I was in River Island a while ago I spotted this gorgeous graphic print t-shirt with the logo "Love Life". Not knowing I bought it and it turns out to be part of the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign. 30% of the €20 price tag went directly to the Breast Cancer fund. I have seen the campaign t-shirts also in Brown Thomas and BT2 Grafton Street with a more simple design and ALL of the proceeds go directly to the Irish Cancer Society which does absolutely amazing work for cancer research and people who have all forms of cancer to make such a hard time much easier for them. This t-shirts are a very fashion forward way to get behind a charity and to look good while doing it. I pair my t-shirt with a high waisted skirt and a cardi and I love how it looks.

It is truly such a great cause as we all know someone who has been affected by breast cancer. Next time your in River Island, Brown Thomas or BT2 have a look and maybe pick up a shirt as every little helps.



  1. This was a really informative post Susan! I'm sorry you had to go through something so frightening, but it's good that you can stress to your friends now the importance of things like this! It's such an important thing to do!! Thanks for the post on it, and the reminder to check:) x

    1. Awh thanks for your comment Audrey! Hopefully it will be a thing of the past soon enough, knowledge is the best key! :) x

  2. Thanks for sharing your story, I love the River Island t-shirt and for such a good cause. Not to be a creep but were those pictures taken in a woods in Co. Wicklow?x

    1. Thanks Laura! Not creepy at all, but these were taken in Galway such a beautiful forest. x