Sunday, July 14, 2013

So....are ya well?

Hey Ladies,

I have been unintentionally absent from my blog as of late and I just wanted to give a quick update as to where I've been and whats to come! The last couple of weeks I have been working like mad taking on extra hours and training, in-between that I have been helping to take care of my niece Sophie who you may have seen from my Instagram posts. My sister Linda is very heavily pregnant and is expecting her second baby this coming Tuesday SO EXCITED! Two weeks ago myself and my other sister Sarah whisked her and Sophie away for a girly night in the lovely D hotel in Drogheda where we spent the night watching our favourite movies like Father Of The Bride and pampering ourselves. Then we took a trip up north to visit The Cosmetic Company Outlet in Junction One Antrim before it closed down grabbing some last minute bargains. On the upside, I am off most of this week so I will be spending my time taking care of Sophie so hopefully I get a chance to film my giveaway video and get up the posts I have had saved in my drafts for the longest time.

If you follow me on Twitter a while back I tweeted that my dog was quite unwell. I have been in and out of the vet 5 times in the last month with my poor dote who doesn't seem to be getting any better. At the ripe old age of 15 it is expected but taking care of her has been tough. It's not going to be long before she leaves us and I want to get as much cuddling time in as possible, how sappy am I?

Who knew I was more fashionable going to court than my day to day life?!
Then, last week my brother had a huge operation on his knee to try get him walking more comfortably and as the greatest sister on the planet that I am I stayed with him for a couple of days catering to his every need like a little servant. Once I was back home and looking forward to a quiet week I was called for jury duty. Christ on a bike. I am in and out of jury duty and work, finding very little time for myself let alone my blog. I am absolutely shattered so if posts are few and far between I am truly sorry as I have just been run off my feet.
This is my "shoot me I'm exhausted" face.

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