Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Colour Pop!

Hey Ladies,

Over the last couple of months I have seen so many posts on the Style Club Colour Pop treatment that I just had to give it ago and tell you whether I think they were just PR sponsored posts or is it really worth the dough!

A long long time ago I did a post on all of the hair styles I've had in recent years, in the past I modelled for hair competitions  and my hair was chopped and changed day after day to different styles to different colours. I decided in 2010-2011 that I would give it all up and just let my hair be. I am (hand on heart) the most impatient person when it come to hair, I hate styling my own and I just have no energy to be doing hair masks once a week so I just let it be.

Since then I have only cut my hair once. My hair has gone back to its original colour of very dark brown and I added in some ombre ends with the help of a L'Oreal box dye. Happy with the way it was growing I really just forgot about it. Then one day on a whim I decided to treat myself and pop into the Style Club for a cut and the much raved about colour pop.

I just wanted them to take off the dead ends so I was terrified of what the stylist was going to say about my badly maintained mane. Surprisingly it wasn't too bad. Being slight lacking in effort actually paid off. I didn't get my hair restyled as I am so used to my routine of blow-dry/straighten and then curl that  I didn't want to have to change all over again.

The result? A glossy mane with a slight colour change that makes your hair look positively healthy. Instead of going for my regular straight blow dry I got a curly blow dry and loved it! The dye only lasts for about 10 washes which is perfect if you want to add some warmth to your hair without diving in the deep end and permanently dyeing it.

Next week I have a post on a fantastic new range of products that you can use to re-create the same "Colour Pop" idea at home!


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