Thursday, September 19, 2013

Surya Brasil

Hey Ladies,

A while back I got to meet up with the lovely Catherine Mulcahy of Surya Brasil to find out about one of their most popular products. Surya Brasil Henna Cream Hair Coloring and Hair Treatment is a completely organic semi permanent hair dye and a fantastic hair conditioning treatment. Catherine explained all of the benefits of the Henna Cream but I was already blown away and dying to give this product a go. It's no secret that in a couple of my previous posts that I have mentioned the condition of my hair isn't fantastic and as I have been giving myself at home ombre hair do's which means the condition isn't getting any better.

Let's give you the facts and the reasons why it is quickly becoming my go to hair dye. 

  • It's completely natural so its vegetarian and vegan friendly
  • It's not tested on animals
  • Perfect for anyone with sensitive skin
  • There are no nasty preservatives or parabens
  • Contains henna, arnica, aloe vera and brasil nut so no fancy names that mask the true ingredients so you know exactly what your using
  • It can be reused at least 3 times, perfect for touch ups or re-doing roots!
  • The colors can be mixed to achieve your own unique color
  • Last up to at least 10 washes, perfect if you want to try a color but not making the plunge of permanent dying
  • No messy mixing the box only contains instructions, the product and some gloves
  • Easy to remove excess product around the hairline! Hurrah for no more staining! 
  • No tingling feeling from peroxide 
  • No fragrance means no awful scent
With 15 shades there is a color for everyone and similar in price to the regular store bought box dyes its a small splash in the pond for fantastic coloring and conditioning also not to mention it can be re-used. 

What do I honestly think?

As the saying goes "it does exactly what it says on the tin" and then some. I have used this product 3 times as to give it a good honest review and I absolutely love it! It gives lack lustre hair a huge boost in shine and a smoother texture. When your hair is in a good condition it is much easier to manage if you have frizzy/unruly hair like I have. The instructions come with this handy wheel chart which helps you determine the time you need to leave the cream on to let the product take. The last time I ombre'd my hair it came out a bit too brassy for me so I applied some of the Dark Brown Henna Cream all over my roots and spread it lightly over the ends. I let that sit for 30 minutes as recommended. And voila my hair turned out a warm light brown and my roots a deep mahogany which is exactly what I wanted. I noticed the dye lasts me about 12-13 washes and I have only used up 1 bottle in the amount of time I have been trying the product. 

The only down side for me is the packaging, I don't think it allows the fantastic quality of this product to shine through but I expect big things from Surya Brasil. No more L'Oreal for me. 

Before dying you can see the ends are quite brassy and my overall hair texture is very dry and rough.

In the process. Look at my fancy schmancy towel. 

And the finished result! 

Surya Brasil can be found on and in local health food stores. Let me know on your thoughts? Is this a product you would be interested in? 


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