Sunday, September 01, 2013

#Whatbbloggersdidnext Meetup and Haul

Hey Ladies,

I have had this post saved in my drafts for the longest time and I just wanted to stick it up!  Months ago I attend the #whatbbloggersdidnext meet up hosted by the lovely Katie Healy (You can check out her blog here) I just wanted to share with you some snaps from the day, some bits I picked up in Inglot and my goody bags. I know there is a big cloud of negativity surrounding bloggers showing the contents of their goody bags but I honestly could not care less, I would rather state that I did not purchase all of these products than lead people to believe I that I have. Its very rare that I receive goody bags and I am always going to be honest on what I received, I am in the process of working on a disclaimer. 

The meet up started in the afternoon in the Hard Rock Cafe Temple Bar where I got to mix and mingle with many other bloggers. On our seats we received a goody bag filled with Cocoa Brown and NYC goodies. We then went over to the Jervis Shopping Centre for a makeup demonstration by Inglot. The lovely makeup artist Jessica did the most amazing makeup look using a glitter pigment that soon after I just HAD to purchase the products used so I could re-create the look. You can check that out here on my YouTube channel here. We also generously received a goody bag from Inglot and each blogger received a discount card. 

Then it was back over the river to the Hard Rock for more chats, drinks and food. Shortly after I unfortunately had to leave but I had such an amazing time meeting loads of new faces and getting to interact with people who also love the beauty world. On the way home I made a sneaky trip into MAC to pick up some bits, I have also included those. 

Word on the street is that on the 26th of October Katie is hosting another blogger meet up, except this time its fancy dress! If you are a beauty blogger make sure to get in contact and come along.

Until next time.

MAC 242 Brush

MAC Studio Fix Foundation
MAC Mineralize Concealer

Cocoa Brown
Night & Day Tan
Goodie Bag

Cocoa Brown Mitt
Goodie Bag

Inglot Freedom System Palette
Only purchased 2 shades
Shimmer Brown AMC 63 €6
Matte Brown Matte 373 €6

Inglot Nail Enamel
Shade 862 
Goodie Bag

Inglot Pure Pigment Shadow
Shade 42
Goodie Bag

Inglot Body Sparkles
Shade 57 

Inglot White Eyeliner
Shade 76

NYC Foil Explosion
Shades (L -R)
Enchanting Fire
Power Of Elements
Enchanting Fire 
Aqua Mystic
Magic Earth

Goodie Bag 

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