Monday, October 21, 2013

I've Been Cloned!

Hey Ladies,

We all have that one person who is our look-a-like, be it a regular Joe soap or more commonly a celebrity! Recently I was browsing YouTube when I came across my doppelgänger who seems to me is becoming more of my twin everyday. I cringe when I even say her name as it brings me back to those awful memories of when she first appeared on the X-Factor. But since then she has blossomed and become less trashy and more classy.

It is indeed Cher Lloyd.

When she first made her debut, people couldn't help themselves in commenting on the likeness I even got a remark on night club photo of myself which some girl left the lovely observation of "very like Cher Lloyd with a better wardrobe". Since then I have no problem saying we look alike before people make the comment. In photographs we look alike but definitely more so in person and I also must note it is also pure coincidence that we are wearing the same lipstick today. HONEST!

Then                                                                            Now

So g'wan tell me who your celebrity twin is in the comments below!

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