Thursday, October 24, 2013

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

Hey Ladies,

We all have that time of the month when our skin just has a complete mind of its own and just wants to misbehave. For me that seems to be all the time as I have acne prone skin and the slightest thing could set my skin off. While I was in the US back in September I picked up the small size tube of Origins Clear Improvement mask at the Sephora tills just to give it a go as there always seems to be an abundance of fantastic reviews on it! I thought it would be a perfect secret step to prepping my skin for a big event.

For $16 you get 50ml of product which is unavailable unless you buy it directly from a Sephora store. In Ireland you can get it from for €27. 50 for a whopping 100ml which will honestly last you for so long. I've had mine for over a month already and have been using it once or twice weekly and I still have at least half left. The product itself is a grey cream that spreads well, dries quickly on the skin and doesn't have any funny scent. Once you have it on, it dries within 5 minutes and you can remove it very easily with warm water, unlike some masks where you rub your skin raw to get it off.  It gives gentle exfoliation so no tingling or burning while it's on the skin.

With most products which have great reviews backing them up you expect instant results and Clear Improvement definitely delivers. The results? The morning after use you will find that the pores on your nose and cheeks are reduced and the skin has an overall appearance of clarity so goodbye pesky red patches. Blemishes almost disappear within 2-3 days of using the mask so your skin looks clear without the skin drying out, to me this is the key advantage of this product as with any anti blemish products your skin is stripped of its moisture and natural oils which can be very hard to regain.

Clear Improvement has definitely stamped its place into my top 10 and I have a feeling it is here to stay.

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