Friday, November 08, 2013

How To Follow Me

Hey Ladies,

I have a very very important post for you today, I am going to break down the easiest ways to follow me so you never miss a thing! (hint: or my upcoming giveaway) When I host things like giveaways and that you will need to be following my blog so it would cut half the hassle out if you easily knew how to go about it so I put together a little "how to" for those like my Facebook friends who would be completely new to the world of blogging and wouldn't know their way. It is so simple and I have posted a couple of options so there is one for everyone in the audience.

Where you will usually find me...

If you don't want to sign up to a blog reading site like Bloglovin', the easiest way to follow me is through Email. On the left hand side of my blog there is a little box for you to pop in your email and you will receive my latest post straight to your email as soon as I publish it. Once you have put in your email you will then be taken to a pop up where you enter a captcha. Then click complete subscription request, following that you will be sent an email and you simply have to click the link to active your subscription. It really couldn't be any simpler, you won't receive any spam and you can stop following at any time!

Bloglovin'  is THE place to be if you are a blog lover. It keeps all the blogs you follow in the one place and gives you a list of all of your unread blog post. This is my preferred way to keep up to date I downloaded the app onto my iPhone and check it every morning! All you have to do is click the follow me on bloglovin image (it is the heart shaped image between Instagram and YouTube) on my home page it will take you to the bloglovin web page for you to set up an account which you can do using either your email or your Facebook.

The GFC Ghost 
If you are a long time reader of beauty blogs you will know about the mystical rumour that Google Friend Connect was on its way out, which is still yet to happen. I'm sure you already know how to add my blog so I'll leave that up to you. I don't display the GFC logo on my blog as it looks hideous and I cannot find a better looking widget so you will have to add me the manual way of through your blogger home page reading list. 

Lastly if none of these ways appeal to you just follow me on Twitter I always send out a quick tweet when I have popped up a new post!

Phew that was a lot to take in!

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