Monday, January 06, 2014

Let Me Just Clarify!

Hey Ladies,
Just a quick post for you today to let off some steam.

The Facebook Fishermen just fishing for likes!*

I'm sure in the past year or two you may have noticed an increase in bloggers posting on Facebook as a way to generate readers. Usually with a link to their blog and a photograph of their subject matter. But I just want to separate the bloggers from what I call the Fishermen. The Fishermen are people who take photographs from popular websites such as Tumblr, Instagram and WeHeartIt to then copy onto their own pages such as Facebook or Instagram. That picture is then "liked" a thousand odd times and generates tonnes of comments such as "love this makeup, what lipstick is that?" or "love that dress where is it from?" as the person usually doesn't distinguish whether this is their own photograph or not. Countless times I've had to inform people such as friends that this is not the person who runs the page, as they think the person running the page has a bigger collection of designer bags than Brown Thomas!

I know I blog but I do it as a hobby so I haven't a massive following so I'm sure some people may read this post and think YOUR JUST JEALOUS, when really I am more frustrated at the fact that a Fisherman has thousand of people following them for the ideal of their lifestyle rather than the content of their page. Don't get me wrong I love a picture of a gorgeous makeup look or a vanity area but there is so much more to it. I want to see how that makeup look was created and what were the products used. Why can't they simply give credit to the person who owns that photograph and make it clear it is not their own?  I am not pointing to any pages in particular I am just speaking generally. Nine times out of ten, that person will have their own blog and as a result the people who have liked their pictures will then read their blog.

There is a difference when people use their Facebook or Instagram page to make their own pictorials or post makeup looks they've done themselves as it is their work, but don't be fooled when someone steals their picture to fish for likes!

I know some people may enjoy the Fishermen pages and that's all well and good but if you want to invest your precious time into reading blogs please follow real bloggers who put their hard work and effort into creating great posts and pictures that the Fishermen reap the rewards for.

This is just my opinion if you don't like it that is totally fine but for me I really just wanted to get it off my chest!

*I know the word "Fisherman" seems like I am targeting a male but the word is correct for both males and females (I checked!)
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  1. I agreeeeeeeeee! Drives me soft when I see people doing this and they'd be the people giving out if someone else used their photos without giving credit! A grand Monday rant lady ;)

    1. Ah Karen don't get me started! It's so frustrating some times, especially to the people like yourself and Joanne who bloody deserve the credit for a great blog!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for reading Andreea! It truly is awful especially when everyone else is working their butt off!