Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Let's Be Honest...

Hey Ladies,

So I was in work the other day and a customer came in with a foundation that hasn't been produced for YONKS (throwback to the 2000's) and I thought to myself that something I've never touched on is the subject on binning your beauty bits. With an extensive collection of makeup ranging from cheaper items right up to super splurges, throwing things away is not one of my strong suits. I'll list below the expiration guide for makeup products just so you can mentally add up how long you've had your favourite beauty essentials.

I do try and switch out my foundations and concealers as often as possible as with acne prone skin, items like that can wreak havoc in the long run. If something didn't suit me or just wasn't holding my interest anymore, I would pass it on to a friend or family member but the likes of my MAC palettes that I have been slowly collecting over the past 5 years, I couldn't part with for the world. They are most definitely over the 2 year expiry date but they still have great color payoff and look brand new. I won't be getting rid of them anytime soon!

So confess, do you keep dusty lipsticks and unused foundations or do you bin 'em?

This image is my own. 

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