Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Loving The Skin Your In

Hey Ladies,

In today's culture, the pressure to be perfect and look beautiful is constantly bombarding us through social media, there's not a day that goes by that I don't look at a picture on Instagram and say to myself god I wish I looked like that, had a perfect life like that or was as happy as that person. 

I recently posted about my skincare routine and I told the story of my skin struggles which to this day is a battle (although quite minor in the grand scheme of things) and it eats away at my self confidence everyday. I put my hands up and say honestly its very rare that I leave the house with some sort of coverage be it a BB/CC Cream or a foundation because I feel embarrassed about my skin. But I am changing my ways.... no longer am I going to be hung up on blemishes instead I am choosing to bare my skin flaws and all. 

A while back I posted this photo on my Instagram page (@whatsnewwithsuzieq) of the drop dead gorgeous Rosie Huntington Whiteley who is my definition of utter perfection. But while scrolling through my Twitter timeline I spotted this picture of Rosie and everything is not as it seems. Unlike the hundreds of photographs I have seen of Rosie this one shows her still stunningly beautiful but with flaws just like you or me. No photo shop or filters, yes she does have makeup on but you can still see she doesn't have the most perfect skin either. Since then I have decided that no matter what way I look on the outside, it matters more how I feel on the inside so I choose to be happy in myself and won't live up to the clouded ideas of those who think beauty is what is seen physically.

I don't want this to seem like a woe is me post but I know that other beauty bloggers like myself also invest a lot of time in their skin and appearance. And their self confidence, advice and recommendations then filters down to their readers and so and so forth and I think it is so important that we as a community set a good example to everyone to love their skin no matter what, we aim to improve ourselves but loving the skin you're in will make you more beautiful than any beauty product will. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and take something away from it.

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