Friday, May 23, 2014

Take Five Friday - Things I Have Been Loving This Week

Hey Ladies,

I have been loving doing these take TFF's! Surprisingly trying to find 5 things that you have been loving throughout the week is difficult.

Let's crack on....this weeks top 5 are.....(drum roll please)

1. Cronuts, Cronado's and everything in between. I have had a really sweet tooth lately (if you know me "lately" being all the time) and I have been dying to get my hands on the infamous and very elusive Cronut....I have yet to find one but Centra have recently brought out their own version and I must say it is quite tasty!

2. Being an OCD freak you would think that being organised comes rather naturally in terms of work ethic but nope you're wrong. This week (and the last few actually) I have been pushing myself to get up and at 'em on days that I am off from work. I am aiming to get my life organised and start a strict bloggy schedule and make the most of my days, especially when we are coming into Summer. I wonder how long it will last hmmmmm.

3. Cue the gasp of horror when I confess that I am in fact going to the One Direction this weekend (and am fairly excited). My niece Jodie is a One Direction super fan and she will be decked out head to toe in merch. I have strict instructions that I need to make an effort so I bought the most adorable hair bow from American Apparel to wear for the concert I have wanted one for AGES but being 22 one does not find themselves in a situation to wear a hair bow very often. I'm thinking high pony of curls, red lippie and hair bow and I am back to my youth once again!

4. If you have a Vine account you will have already heard of UsTheDuo, if you haven't you need to get on it quick fast. A super cute couple who make their own short snippets of songs check them out below in full force in this compilation video. They also have their own Instagram and YouTube!

5. I am still mourning the fact that Gossip Girl is over and that I will never be Blair Waldorf. But browsing YouTube during the week I came across this amazing cover of "Dreams" sung by none other than Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester and friend).........If this isn't perfection then I don't know what is!

I hope you lot have a fantastical weekend!

Images are all my own

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