Friday, May 16, 2014

Take Five Friday - Things I've Been Loving This Week

Hey Ladies,

It's already been a week since my last TFF seriously where has the time gone?! Is it just me or is this year FLYING by? Anyways... let's skip to the good bit, here are the 5 things I have been loving this week.

1. The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills answers the opening question in this post, I have spent the last week of my life catching up on the last two seasons. I used to watch this when I was minding Sophie last year and completely forgot that it even exists. Honestly I'd watch anything RHOBH, RHONY, RHOM and RHOC you know what these mean if you're already a fan. Can't get enough.

2. In the coming week I am heading down to Cork for the Fastnet Short Film Festival as one of Aaron's shorts is being featured which is v. exciting. Trawling through my wardrobe to find a killer outfit for the opening ceremony I came across these two items that I actually haven't wore together yet, I posted a picture on Instagram way back when but forgot about them completely since. These earrings were actually passed down to me recently by my Great Aunt May which makes them that little bit more special.

3. I may have lost the run of myself last week and finally took the plunge in buying something that I have been eyeing over the last year. God knows when and where I will wear it but look at my new swimsuit from Topshop....SO PRETTY!

4. The Chanel Cruise Collection hit the runway on Wednesday and the makeup was TO DIE FOR! Its been a while since Chanel have done anything makeup wise that interested me but I think they are so on point lately.

5. Going back to last weeks TFF post I have had one song repeating in my head (on loop) over the last week as it was featured in the Bad Neighbours soundtrack. Be honest, you can't not smile when you hear this song.....oh its gonna be a good day. Great start to the weekend!

That's it for another week, I hope you enjoyed!

Images are my own apart from Chanel which the credit goes to Vincent Lappartient and the RHOBH which I found on Google.

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