Friday, May 30, 2014

Take Five Friday- Things That Are Dipping The Biscuit!

Hey Ladies,

Well it's the end of the month, we've made it!

Looking back at the last couple of TTF's I thought we could switch it up and instead vent about all those things that pushed our buttons over the last month! Join in and leave your comments below... get it off your chest and start June completely calm and relaxed (or not).

1. Working on a makeup counter and being told 500 million times a day..."I'm a makeup artist" sure you know it all help yourself.

2. Doing a "teatox" -Why?!

3. Brighter mornings mean trying to get up earlier and having to take midday naps just  to cope!

4.  Every second post on Facebook is "One Direction tickets for sale".          


5. Reading a blogpost comment and the person almost blatantly says "I didn't really read your post I just want you to follow my blog". 

Next week we are back to our regular schedule! 

Hope you enjoyed! 

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