Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Time To Unwind

Hey Ladies,

Baths are a integral part of my week there is nothing like lighting a few candles, grabbing a good book or setting up a movie and taking a long hot bath. And you can't have a bath without dropping in a Lush bath bomb its written in the rules. This week I picked up 2 bombs that I have never tried before Honey Bee and Blackberry.

They smell SO good. Honey Bee smells deliciously of honey and toffee and when I used it I found it left my skin SO soft. Blackberry on the other hand smells much much stronger and has notes of blackberries and bergamot! Some people cut these in half to get more than one use but I like to pop that sucker straight in so I can soak up their unusual aromas and have the scent linger on my skin.

I think we all deserve a wee treat every now and again and for such a small price it is SO worth it!

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