Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Whats New Suzie Q? Expensive Splurges!

Hey Ladies,

Although am I am a self confessed beauty junkie, big splurges are very few and far between and last month I was feeling very spendy. Here is the latest products that have made it into the Suzie Q stash!

First up... YSL Fusion Ink Foundation. When I bought this foundation a few weeks back I was so....undecided on whether it was love or not. The texture was something totally new to me a very liquidy silky foundation (think L'oreal Nude Magique or Armani Maestro). After a couple of weeks of wear I have finally decided that this foundation is the bomb diggity. I find it a little dry when I first put it on but an hour or two on the skin its so beautiful and dewy. Surprisingly you only need a tiny amount of product to get a gorgeous medium coverage. At €40 its not cheap but you really do get what you pay for a fantastic product and beautiful packaging 10/10!

And the other item I picked up was this uhh-mazing Tom Ford Lipstick in Pink Dusk. The packaging, the pleasing noise when it clicks close, the ultra-creamy texture and the mouth watering smell of vanilla makes for a seriously good lipstick. With a price tag of €47 its enough to make your eyes water but I think its so worth it for a special occasion such as a wedding day it would be the cherry on top, pick of the pack and the créme de la crop!

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