Friday, October 24, 2014

Bargain Betty Strikes Again

Hey Ladies,

Ever come across a bargain that is just so good that it would be a crime not to share it? Today I am letting you in on one of my biggest bargains yet, your welcome.

While perusing the Internet back in July I came across a website called AliExpress and being the Nosy Nora that I am I had a right snoop through the website and came across these beauties for only.....€7! They may be from China and a no name brand but my god they are bloody brilliant, I would almost go as far as to compare them to the likes of Sigma or Blank Canvas Cosmetics.

As of yet I have had no shedding, they wash super well and they come in a variety of shapes so you can contour, bluff and blend your way into an oblivion. The little eye brushes are fantastic for concealing and applying cream eye shadows. Now the only downside is they did take about two weeks to arrive but for someone only starting off with makeup or someone who isn't big into spending money on brushes (and dare I say it uses their hands) they are ideal!

I know plenty of Bridies who would be very happy waking up to these on Christmas morning. I ordered from this seller here but at the moment they are out of stock. But don't fret AliExpress and Ebay are awash with these brushes so it won't be hard to track them down.

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  1. I actually bought a set identical to these on eBay only last week with pastel blue handles - excited to try them out after seeing all the craze around Sigma "every angle topped kabuki" brushes! x

    1. Ohhhhh pastel blue sounds lovely! I know I was not forking out €50-€100 quid for the sigma brushes, these are the exact same quality for sooooo cheap!