Friday, October 31, 2014

TFF: The Return Of The Rants

Hey Ladies,


Well I thought this week I would go back to the niceties of TFF but I need to vent a little. Too much has me peeved off this week not to share so why not join in the fun and let me know below in the comments what is bothering you this week so we can seethe in anger together.

1. " Hi, It's Steve here calling from Microsoft Support about your computer. We have received warning signals from your computer that you have a virus".  

2. A Halloween costume consisting of fishnet tights, a corset, a tutu and 3 sets of false eyelashes.

3. Getting my hopes up that my long lost relative in Saudi Arabia has left €6,000,000,0000 in her will and I am her only heir!

4.  Going to Blogger Events and looking like a loonbag as you didn't bring a plus one and you don't know anyone!

5. Having the worlds fastest shower as the water charges put the fear of god in you. THEN to get out to a freezing cold bathroom, ITS BLEEDIN BALTIC!

Until next week try stay through the nose....out through the gritted teeth.

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