Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Do-Hickey You Can't Live Without!

Hey Ladies,

Many of my friends and blog readers always say "I'd love to learn how to do my makeup like that!" and to be honest with you mastering makeup is all about playing around and trying out new techniques particularly when it comes to dark smokey eyes or glitter. And one thing I have found really helps is the E.L.F Mascara and & Shadow Shield which is a silicone eye shaped do-hickey.

Basically what it does is protect your under eyes from fallout so you can experiment with darker shadows or glitter without having to worry about the cleanup afterwards. It is also very handy when it comes to applying mascara, you can lean the smaller side up against the lashes to protect you perfectly done eye shadow from being ruined with splotches of mascara, which if your like me happens most days. Or if your a makeup artist this is a must have for your kit!

It costs less than a spicy bag and will make a huge difference to your makeup in the long run. You can find it on the E.L.F website here.

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