Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The One All About Skin...

Hey Ladies,

Today I want to talk all about skin types and more importantly knowing your skin type. Increasingly I have noticed that people nowadays are very unaware about the basics of skin and how to determine their skin type so in the coming weeks I am going to be making more posts/videos all about skin, how it works, products for different skin types and skin myths!

For Today I am going to keep it light and simple and give you the basics on the four most common skin types which are dry, dry combination, oily combination and oily. Normal skin is one that I am going to leave out because to be frank it is a skin type that has very few issues. If you have a normal skin you are one lucky duck!

Have a read through each of the skin types and see which is most like you! Also, I will be covering sensitive, redness and acne prone skins in the coming weeks!

Dry skin can often be confused with dehydrated skin but it is a very common skin type. Dry skin is a skin type that lacks not only water but oil and sometimes be uncomfortable without the help of a moisturiser. Dry skin is often quite dull with a visible lack of radiance and has very few visible pores. Usually with dry skin, lines and wrinkles look can look more pronounced and especially so when makeup is applied. Rough flaky patches are a common issue with dry skin and sometimes they can become quite itchy/irritated so defining the line between dry and sensitive can be so important!

Dry Combination 
If you read all about dry skin and thought that sounds like me but I have a little bit of oil then your a dry combination which is the most common skin type. Prone to a little bit oil in the t-zone but you still need a moisturiser everywhere else, your pores are more prominent and usually have to deal with the pain that is black heads. Makeup can sometimes slip and slide around and breakouts can be be an issue especially around the time aunt flow comes to visit.

Oily Combination
Oily combination is very very similar to dry combination but its almost the exact opposite. Trying to combat oil but having a dry t-zone. Breakouts are usually more common due to the excess oil on the skin and pores are more visible.

Oily is a skin type that is shiny all over with visibly large pores, oily skin is also very prone to breakout. An interesting point about oily skin is that it can also be prone to dehydration so finding the right balance with skincare is hugely important with an oily skin. For example if you are using the wrong products you might actually have a different skin type but because the products are too harsh or are stripping skin it thinks...quick produce more oil. Oily skin can be a bit tricky to determine but your in luck if you have an oily skin as its proven that an oily skin type actually ages much better than a dry skin type!

With all of the skin types mentioned above of course there can be other concerns included in the mix for example I am a dry skin type but acne is also an issue for me so I cross over between two skin types! If you are unsure about your skin type and need more help why not drop me a tweet @whatsnewsuzieq or a quick email? On the other hand why not visit your local skin care counters? The girls are usually experts and can help you with all kinds of skin concerns!

Until next time!
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