Monday, February 16, 2015

Not That I Need Anymore Makeup Brushes....

Hey Ladies, 

With such a wide range of makeup brushes available on the market now-a-days its hard to find a brush brand that ticks all the boxes. Recently I picked up two of the Nima brushes and if you haven't heard of Nima Brush I can guarantee over the next year they are going to be absolutely everywhere! Nima Brush is an Irish brand founded by the wonderful Niamh Martin who has years upon years in the beauty biz.
When browsing the brushes I really wanted to pick up a brush (or two) that was made with natural hair for applying products a little bit more softly like blush, contour and highlight. I picked up two brushes from the Artistic Collection, the Blaithin (black hair) and the Wendy(white hair). Which are instantly recognisable from the Tiffany blue brush handles, aren't they just gorgeous?! Also all of the brushes from the Artistic Collection are named after close friends and family of Niamh which I thought was just the loveliest idea.                                                                 
Back to the brushes... The Blaithin is made from Pony hair and the Wendy is made from Goat hair which are both fantastic for applying powder products, the difference in hair colours also makes it easy for those who aren't as great with makeup to differentiate between brushes and which one is for what.The Blaithin is slightly tapered so its perfect for getting right under that cheekbone for contouring and the Wendy is the perfect size to apply your highlighter/blush. Since I have had these brushes they haven't once shed and when you wash them they remain super soft.

Did I forget to mention how affordable these brushes are? At €16 each they are a steal and if you look after them they will last for a very long time. The Nima Brush website (link) has all of their different brush ranges, their is also a section with tips and tricks on what brush is used for what and how to look after your brushes. So if your looking to pick up the odd brush for yourself or want to start building your collection with a brush set, pop on over to their website and have a browse! 

Until next time!

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  1. I've had my eye on these for ages, just because of the colour. Glad to hear they're good quality too!

    1. The are such a great investment, I hope to pick up a few more to add to my collection! It's always a bonus to support an Irish company too!