Wednesday, February 11, 2015

SuperDuper Mud If You Ask Me!

Hey Ladies, 

Shelling out a small fortune for a face mask is never ideal, but when said mask preforms bloody miracles I would very happily hand over my money no questions asked. A while back I won a competition on Cherry Sue's Blog (link) which was a €100 voucher for Cloud10 Beauty and with that voucher in hand I knew what my first purchase would be....GlamGlow Supermud.
At a whopping €50 it promises to brighten the complexion of the skin, not to mention improve collagen and elastin. But my favourite claim was to de-clog congestion and minimise pore size and heal breakouts! Big claims huh?
After a firm testing, I can honestly say this mask is the! After just one use my skin felt tighter and my pores were de-gunked. I also noticed my breakouts healed much faster than normal but the most noticeable difference was my skin looked bright and radiant and with an aggressive acne prone skin that's not easily done. I was very very impressed. I used this once a week, usually Sunday which is my pamper night to keep my skin in good nick. Completely used up now I imagine it won't take me long before I repurchase.

If your getting married this year/have a big event coming up and you want your skin to be flawless then this is a must have product. You can get the full range of GlamGlow products from which is a fantastic Irish site which have free shipping once you spend over €15! which is so easily done when your feeling spendy. Go'wan your worth it!

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