Monday, March 02, 2015

Suzie Q Reviews: The Wonder Pad!

Hey Ladies, 

After doing a MAHOOSIVE clear out of my skincare drawer it dawned on me that I have never done a post on my secret weapon when it comes to controlling blemishes! If you have never heard of Waxperts I'll give you a little bit of background info on the company. They are an Irish waxing company run by the lovely Ellen and they are masters in waxing, waxing after care and all things skin. They also have a salon in Dun Laoghaire and everything with Waxperts from the salon to the packaging of their products is vintage/boudoir inspired- which I absolutely love! 

Right, back on track. The Wonder Pads in a nutshell are treatment pads that contain salicylic acid to help prevent against ingrown hairs. So if your a wax-er or a shaver you NEED these. But if you have an acne prone skin these are ideal at controlling breakouts and clearing up skin. I have been using these for a long time now and have found them very effective without being drying or irritating.

The Wonder Pads are a crucial step in my everyday routine and I have tried replacing them with something similar like the Origins Blemish Treatment pads and to be frank...they just weren't as good and there was a massive price difference (€7.95 compared to €31). At night I sweep a pad across my skin after my cleanser and before my moisturiser, I love that there is no tingle or irritation and they don't leave any residue on the skin. Its also widely known that with an acne prone skin that scrubs are just a complete no-no and sometime you need a little somethin' somethin' to give your skin a polish and The Wonder Pads give the right amount of polish and the salicylic acid also helps to exfoliate. They are also superb for people who don't usually suffer with breakouts but get the odd breakout around "that" time of the month. In each tub you get 40 pads so whether your using them for waxing/shaving or using them for blemishes one tub lasts a long time! 

You can find Waxperts products on and if you missed it I posted my first YouTube video on Saturday and in that video I showed a new release from Waxperts that is to-die-for so you can check that out here.

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  1. Tried their body oil a little while ago and I have been using it religiously! Keep seeing brilliant reviews about these too so I must check them out! Also, DELIGHTED you are back on ze tube of you ya wee baaaaabe! x

    1. Loving the body oil! You neeeeeed the Wonder Pads in your life. Thanks pal, we need to collab some day!