Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Disappointing Products #1

Hey Ladies,

As a beauty blogger I love buying new products testing them out and telling you all about them but not all the products I buy are amazing and get glowing reviews. Every now and again I come across products that just leave me feeling really hard done by and annoyed that I spent my hard earned cash on them. 

The first of the two products I am showing you today you may have already seen in my latest haul on my YouTube channel (link here). I picked up the Rimmel BB Cream during a Boots 3 for 2 offer and was quite excited because I don't normally use a BB cream. The one positive point I do have to say about this product is that its brilliant for the paler girls. But it just lets me down when it comes to coverage and with this product you can really only use one layer as it does NOT like layering up. I'll keep this one in my stash for the Summer days when I only want a touch of foundation but I honestly wouldn't write home about it just yet.

The other product is something that I have in my stash for a VERY long time and it has only been used twice....TWICE and I wouldn't mind but it wasn't cheap (€45 to be exact). I picked up the Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer which is like a blusher type deal back when I was in college and completely frivolous with money. To look at it you would just fall in love instantly, the packaging is stunning and the product is a gorgeous soft peachy tone which is right up my alley. But, I have NEVER been able to make it work and not for lack of trying. I've tried it on with BB creams, dewy foundations, matte foundations, with a brush and with my fingers. It just doesn't blend and pulls on foundation making it look patchy (think foundation with a touch of broken capillaries -FABLISS). I have just deemed it a lost cause for the time being, so if you know of any tips on using this product let me know in the comment section below I need all the help I can get! 

Until next time. 
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  1. oh my god nooooo not the broken capillaries that is not cuteeeee. I've never tried anything from the Armani cosmetics range but it would kill meeee so pay and be disappointed - have you tried it with the beauty blender/RT miracle sponge? Could be an idea! x

    1. I tried it with the RT sponge and it did nothing for me! Yeah I feel like it was a lot of money but I do like alot of their other products!

  2. i actually really enjoy disappointing products posts! the armani stuff looks absolutely beautiful in the bottle. hopefully you will get some use out of it, it's a shame that it was so expensive and so difficult to use!

    1. Me too, I feel they are very honest and open. It looks fab in the bottle but its a bit expensive to be used as an ornament. Grr was so dissapointed! x