Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Suzie Q Reviews: Ta Hun, Penney's!

Hey Ladies,

I love a good browse in Penney's as much as the next person but I ALWAYS leave with stuff I don't need - Splurgy Sue strikes again. Thankfully this time I had a good excuse, its for the blog. That sentence constantly gets me out of a pickle.

The last time I was in Penney's I spotted that they had added to their "PS Love This' range. I have never actually tried any of their makeup items so I'll hold my comments until I do but I am constantly picking up their eye lashes whenever I'm in Penney's. There lashes range from natural to RuPaul-esque so they have you covered for every occasion. My favourite pair are the Double Trouble lashes and they cost only €2! I know, right?! I also picked up some individuals for my kit.

I also spotted the Makeup Brush Cleanser which I've seen being mentioned on Twitter a couple of times. It's alright not the worst in the world. It doesn't have an offensive scent and doesn't dry out brush hairs which is essential if you've put money into your brush collection. It's perfect for spot cleaning, beginners or people who are just too darn lazy to properly clean their brushes (I have a super detailed post on how to wash brushes here). In all honesty though if you pass one by I would pick it up for only €2.50 its a handy one to have lying around and it's not going to break the bank.

Also, how CUTE is the stationary in Penney's at the moment. I'm a well organised Bridie these days with my to-do lists and weekly planner. It makes my desk look like something off Pinterest.

So let me know in the comments what you think about the Penney's makeup rang. Have you tried it? What should I pick up next time I'm in store....c'mon enable me!

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  1. Im definitely going to buy this now! Thanks so much!! Eleanor ♥