Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Anxiety and Self Confidence

Hey Ladies,

I wanted to do a quick blog post today all about anxiety. I posted on Twitter last night that lately I am finding more and more people who are bloggers and YouTubers have opened up to say that they suffer with anxiety. And with an increasing number of people talking about the subject of anxiety it just got me to anxiety the new 'it'?

I don't speak about this very often but I want to open up a bit. I myself suffer from anxiety specifically when I have to go anywhere on my own. I will leave it to the very last minute and do literally anything else than do what I need to do. But on the other hand I find social situations very tough, I'm not one for going to night clubs and even blogger events scare the bejeasus out of me. I prefer to be in my own company but ironically have a fear of being lonely. I am at my absolute worst when I go on holiday, I find it extremely difficult to be away from home and my family. Depending on who I am with I can sometimes forget and enjoy my holiday whereas sometimes I get into a slump I just can't shake off and I am itching just to get home and literally anything can set me off. And when I feel overwhelmed? Sure I may as well be shutting down because that I something that I cannot cope with...the saying "CAN'T COPE" has never been more true. Sad songs? Sad movies? They just don't exist in my world.

What I find so difficult as a part time blogger is my own self confidence. I find it excruciating taking photographs of myself and writing blog post because I am constantly thinking to myself "I am going to be a laughing stock".."so and so is going to see this and what will they think of me" and why would anyone bother to read my long boring blog posts. I find myself constantly comparing myself to other which doesn't help either. Anxiety is a very hard thing to over come and as I slip into making more YouTube videos I know the haters will come along as they naturally do and when that time comes I don't know how I am going to deal with it. But I'll get there in the end.

So when people are saying in the future that they have an anxiety issue, I want them to bear in mind those people who really suffer. Are they being honest or just trying to bring in viewers? If you yourself suffer with anxiety how do you deal with it? I would love to read your feed back on this issue.

Thanks for reading.
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  1. I'm so glad you put something like this up! It definitely (and unfortunately) seems to be becoming the new "cool" thing, but it's such a shame for those who do genuinely suffer with that daily.
    As for the self confidence bit, I know it's so much easier telling someone else they're fab but you are fablissss and I LOVE your posts and more recently, videos! I can't wait to see more.
    Also, "I prefer to be in my own company but ironically have a fear of being lonely" is my LIFE. I've never been able to sum it up or articulate it to someone else but yep. YEP. x

    1. Ah thanks so much Grace, I totally agree this is becoming a bit of an issue and it's not a glamorous condition to have! The fear of being lonely even though I prefer to be alone is me to a T and it is hard to put into words how you feel but I feel this sums it up SO well. x