Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Look Inside My Most Used Palette

Hey Ladies,

Bit of a late one for you but I really wanted to share this post with you. We all do it, we buy the latest palette on the market that EVERYONE and their granny is talking about (I'm looking at you Urban Decay) and it's not long before it sits gathering dust in a drawer and we only dig it out to use one or two shades. That is why I love my MAC palette, its customisable so I only put in colours that I like and will use. No wasted space!

As you can see many of the shadows have hit pan and these are the shadows that I have repurchased over and over again and already have backups to fill their spot once they've gone. Building a MAC palette can be expensive but I have added to mine bit by bit (30 shadows at €10 each...YIKES) starting with a single palette to then moving to a double palette and I'm already onto my next palette. I literally use this palette every single day and its the only one I bring when going on holiday.

I have listed all of the shades in the palette just in case you want to have a snoop. Lemme know in the comments what are your favourite MAC shadows? My top 5 would have to be Vanilla the perfect everyday base, Embark the perfect warm brown to deepen the crease, Woodwinked the only shadow you need when you have 5 seconds to do eyes and lastly either White Frost or Vapour as they are my go to brow/inner corner highlight!

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  1. I stopped buying pallettes with a large amount of colours. Instead I just get them with 3-4 colours that I know I'll use

    1. Its so much wiser when it comes to value for money! Sure mine just gather dust half the time, at least that way they are getting used up! x