Monday, June 01, 2015

How To Brow For Those Who Don't Know How!

Hey Ladies,

Brows..... I'm sure you haven't heard that word a bazillion times this month. Brows are back in a big way (Although I'm sure they never really left..), my YouTube timeline is chock-o-block with brow tutorials and tonnes of Instagram posts boast the hash tag #eyebrowsonfleek. So I thought I would do a video on my YouTube channel all about my brows...talking about hopping on the band wagon. Instead of just filling them in though I'm gonna take you through everything from tinting, to tweezing/threading and then filling them in.

I also thought I would switch it up a bit and include some new products that I have kindly been sent by Eylure and give you my first impressions. I wanted to disclose that I was sent these items but that won't in any way hamper my opinion, I guarantee you have my complete honesty. I have also left the instructions for use when tinting brows below if your unsure of the process. So let's cut all the waffle and get right into it..

And here for your pleasure are some embarrassing pictures of my brow past...from bushes to tadpoles its been a struggle. Oh the shame.

Also quick instructions on how to use the Permanent Tint by Eylure 
1. Sensitivity test is essential apply a small amount of dye behind the ear and look out for a reaction.
2. Cleanse the eye brows to remove any natural oils and makeup using an non-oily cleanser.
3.Apply a barrier cream around the edge of the brows to prevent staining. Vaseline will do the job!
4. Squeeze both sachet 1 and 2 into the bowl provided and mix.
5. Using a clean mascara wand apply the cream mixture to the brows.
6. If you happen to get dye on the skin quickly cleanse with a non oily cleanser to prevent staining.
7. Leave on for 1-2 minutes depending on your hair colour and how dark you want the brows to be.
8. Remove the dye after the dye has had time to work using a non oily cleanser.

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