Sunday, June 07, 2015

Suzie Q Reviews: Essence and Essie!

Hey Ladies,

Passing through Penney's recently and I topped by the Essence stand and boy has it been a while since I've picked anything up. And to be fair I was very good I only picked up one thing...I know how restrained was I?

My nails have been in rag order lately especially my cuticles so I picked up their Fast Cuticle Remover to see if I can nurse them back to health. For only a few bob I didn't expect much but I was presently surprised. Basically you pop it on all over your cuticles, leave it for 15 seconds and push them back with a cuticle pusher. Easy peasy! If your like me and you do your own nails this will give you the look that you have been to the salon and will make them easier to paint. Taking care of your cuticles is vital if you want your nails to grow and strengthen.

So with my nails looking the picture of health I wanted to pop on a subtle and soft polish that was a little more pastel so I chose Go Ginza by Essie. A polish that goes with everything and every time I wear it I think to myself that this would be a fab nail polish for a wedding day. It's different but won't look tacky as sin when you look back at your photographs in 20 years time. It is a pop of colour but won't take away from anything else and it suits all skin tones from pale to tanned gorgeously.

So if your a bride on a budget these two products will give you the perfect mitts for the big day!

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