Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Let's have a little chat...


You know I never just sit down and write a chatty personal post as I am always to busy trying to bring you reviews and informative posts that some times I forget that this blog is about ME. My opinion, my views...myself. I have been finding things very hard lately particularly when it comes to self motivation and self esteem. I am having a super bad skin week and I am literally at the end of my tether. I feel I can't record my planned YouTube videos because I feel totally embarrassed by my skin.

Specifically so since I have seen this bloody #dontjudgechallange (spelling lads) going around social media. If you missed it basically its when someone posts a video and at the beginning they make themselves "ugly" by drawing on blemishes, uni brow, messed up hair, glasses, braces and so on....you get the picture. Then they cover the screen to come back looking "gorgeous". To me this is sort of my reality and isn't sharing the positive message that it is supposed to convey of not judging others. Instead its saying those who have blemishes etc aren't as good looking. Of course, I could wear a face full of makeup to fit in with the crowd but that shouldn't be the norm. I already don't feel totally comfortable in my own skin I don't need someone else telling me it. Myself my nephew had "THE TALK" last week, no not the birds and the bees, we had the Internet talk as he has just turned 11 and gotten his first smart phone. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are inevitable one day but I wanted to warn him about silent bullying and belittling that goes on and this is an obvious example. Thankfully I am of (some what) sound mind and things like this won't fester inside me or knock me down. But someone else might not be as strong.

But I digress, even though I am embarrassed to show my skin when its at it worst state I don't want it from preventing me filming the videos I want to film and feeling low because I care what other people think. I think over the next couple of weeks I may focus my blog on my skin that little bit more. And by sharing my journey and it might hopefully help someone else who might be in a similar situation. If this is something your really not interested you've been an exemplary pass to skip my posts/videos for the next little while.

I feel like I've just called into the Adrienne Kennedy phone show...."Susan your on 98fm....What do you want to get of your chest?" lord.

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  1. I love reading these more personal posts, fair play for coming on here (the Suzie Q show!) and saying what most of us are feeling. I'd definitely love posts focused on your skin journey, because mine isn't much fun either and it seriously upsets me at times. And also, easier said than done but don't let your skin impact on you not wanting to film - that doesn't lessen the endless knowledge and talent you have when it comes to product reviews and tutorials! xx