Monday, July 13, 2015

The Ultimate Packing List

Hey Ladies,

So lists are my thing....I can't do anything without a list as it's how I stay organised (well try to). And there is nothing more stressful than packing for a sun holiday, guaranteed you'll be half way to ________(insert holiday destination here) and you'll realise you left half of your essentials at home. Funnily enough it was actually a girl in work who said to me...

"You know the way your super organised with your lists? Can you to a holiday packing list!" 

...and ta-da here it is. My holiday essentials in a handy print out that even has those little boxes for you to satisfyingly tick once you've popped your bits 'n' bobs in your suitcase. A rough guide to help you remember the important stuff and build from there. Many a nights before going on holiday I've had nightmares of turning up to the airport with an empty suitcase, stress be gone. Now, I have tailored this to a sun holiday but fret not I have a city guide and a long haul to the US coming up next. I am really excited to share all of my travel tips and tricks with you lot!

So if your heading on your holibops Suzie Q has got you can find the download link here: Download! And at the top you have the option to print or save.

Happy packing!

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