Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The One Eyeshadow That Covers All Your Bases

Hey Ladies,

So sometimes getting ready in the morning can be so tedious and we can get into a rut of using the same boring makeup day in and day out, well recently I wanted to make the most of my makeup stash by trying something new everyday. Accidentally I came across my new favourite eye shadow that makes it look like you spent time doing your makeup but you've really just slapped it on and blended it out in a jiffy. No effort necessary.

MAC Mythology is the most beautiful rusty copper shade that reminds me of a shiny penny. It can be worn alone and lemme tell you it is STUNNING or with other shadows. In my opinion this shadow is an all rounder, Summer, Winter or Autumn it can be worn whenever! It is a chunky glitter finish so if that's not your forte then stay well away or only crack it out for the party season. If you are a blue or green eyed gal then this colour is a must have for you, it's gonna make your eyes pop!

So if your someone who doesn't like to spend too long blending shadows and the hassle of brushes, this is the shadow for you guaranteed! You can pick it up from the MAC website or which is a little closer to home.

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  1. Ooh this is a beauty, must check it out, I'm a sucker for a shade like this Suzie!

  2. Officially adding this to my wishlist. It looks beautiful! Just letting you know I'm after nominating you for the Liebster Award because I'm not sure if you've been nominated already :) If you haven't make sure to check it out :P