Thursday, October 15, 2015

GHD Platinum: The New Must Have

Hey Ladies,

Although I have been blogging on and off now for a couple of years I still get overly excited when I get emails inviting me to events. Way back I got invited as a plus one to an event for GHD by my lovely friend Gracey (which you will know as Long Hair and Lashes). Now, you all know me when it comes to hair you can just forget it. I can just about brush my hair in the morning and even that is a challenge. There's been plenty of times I have had insane thoughts of just shaving my head but have managed to keep my sanity intact thanks to fantastic hair tools and a little bit of determination.

The event itself was for mainly hairdressers to showcase the new GHD Platinum styler and what it can do and how it does it. When we arrived there were rows of styling stations with brushes, tools and hair products. There was also a big stage right in the middle of the room for the demonstrations. The GHD Pro team demonstrated three looks which you can see in the images below, the Jessica Rabbit killer curl, the avant-garde braid and the boho wave. And boy do they make it look so easy! Then we got a little bit of time to test them out for ourselves i.e a GHD Pro came along and gave me a hand which was brillopads for me because I could then annoyingly pick their brains with all the stupid hair questions I had. Then when we were leaving.....they gave us a brand spanking new GHD to try at home. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor!

So enough of that let me tell you a little more about my new hair saviour and what I really think... It is described by GHD as "the ground-breaking styler that takes the guilt out of heat styling. The GHD platinum styler delivers our best-ever styling results for all hair types, including harder to style hair.". So with all that said what is the actual styler like? Think sleeker, more effective and less damage. Sometimes I think it is harder to review items like this and instead you really need to see it in I made a mini review and demo of the look seen on me in the pictures below, which just so happens to be my usual hair style.

The styler has a brand new design that features the Wishbone Hinge to help keep plates aligned so you get an even better curl and straighten. I've also mentioned in the video it's an added bonus if you have longer hair like me! I also noted the swivel cord which makes styling easier. The plates on either side of the styler have also improved hugely due to the added sensors to ensure that they are heated evenly so you don't miss any sections of hair, they call it tri-zone technology. GHD boast claims that it is 50% less damaging than other stylers and I have to be honest since I have been using it my hair hasn't been as dry and I have noticed a lot less split ends! It also comes with a nifty little silicone protector to prevent damaging surfaces after styling. A silly side note but it also has a universal fuse which means you can take this anywhere in the world and it will work perfectly.

I also get asked quite a lot whether I prefer my L'oreal Steam Pod or the new GHD Platinum and I do go into more detail about that in the video if you are curious. So let's talk price....brace yourself...this styler costs €215 which is not cheap by any means. BUT let me just say a GHD is not just for Christmas it's for life. I can't even tell you how long I had my last GHD and it's still going strong. Its an investment so if you are thinking about upgrading your straightener then I would say this is its replacement.


With all that said I would love to know your thoughts, is €215 too steep for a hair styling tool or is the GHD your hair bestie? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear your thoughts. 

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  1. I seriously need a new GHD because I've had my current one since 2007! €215 is expensive, for sure, but if this is as magical as it sounds then it's worth it! xx


  2. your hair looks amazing! i have old GHD's from about 2006/2007 but i bought the loreal steam pod this year, which has taken over GHDs for me. I probably wouldn't repurchase a set but this one does look great.