Friday, October 16, 2015

Ta Hun Sure It's Only Penney's: Lip Pencil Edition

Hey Ladies, 

I swear for the last two months I have been on the biggest lipstick binge, as if I need anymore lipsticks... honestly like a hole in the head. But I just can't help myself but thankfully my latest two faves only cost €1.50 each so it's not going to break the bank or leave me feeling guilty.

I swear Penney's is just getting better by the day, the clothes are on trend and the home ware is to die for and their latest beauty range is making headlines everywhere so naturally enough I tottered down to Penney's to see what the fuss was about. I was hearing reports that one of their lip pencils was a dupe for MAC Spice and by golly it is. Think Spice and Soar mixed but for a fraction of the price, sure you wouldn't even get a cup of tea for that much! 
Anyways, the lip liners are part of their new P.S Love range and there are a few colours but I only picked up the nude and the plum. Now if someone said Penney's brought out makeup I would have thought "you get what you pay for" and the quality would be rubbish but surprisingly enough these liners are giving MAC a run for their money, they are far more covetable than the Kylie Jenner effect on Soar earlier this year, these Penney's lip liner have been out of stock for AGES. That's saying something. 
I have been putting them to the test in terms of quality of colour and durability and so far they're doing brilliant. The quality of pigment is opaque so there's no need to have to pile a whole load on and they last quite well. Now, if you're eating you will need to reapply afterwards but so far they've held up really well. Since testing them I couldn't tell you how many compliments I have gotten. In fact preparing for this post I wore the plum shade today (how similar to MAC Rebel is this!) and so many people asked what I had on, one friend of mine actually said "I bet its MAC!" and I said no actually it's Penney's and she was shocked! 

So there you have it and just a side not my favourite thing I love about these pencils is that I can bring them on a night out or away with me and not be afraid to lose them! 

Tell me have you tried any of the Penney's makeup and what did you think?

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