Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Little Extras

Hey Ladies,

I hope you have been catching up on my most recent YouTube videos (I've uploaded 2 this week....I know!) and if you haven't seen them well you can mosey over here and watch them! In my last video I mentioned that I would do up a little list off all the places I would recommended if you were heading to New York this week and ta da sure here it is.

I know your probably sick of the New York posts by now but alas we have come to the end and my next videos are hauls (EEK!) and then we are into the swing of Halloween, DIY's and makeup tutorials so fret not, next week we will be back to regular programming! I have so many reviews and looks to share with you, I am also so delighted we are into the Autumn so I can wear all the red lipstick. Anyone else the same?

If you have taken any of my advice or enjoyed any of these videos I would love to hear your feedback. And as a little thank you for sticking around throughout them I have a GIVEAWAY going live next week....don't miss it!

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