Friday, November 20, 2015

TFF: Brain FRIyed.

Hey Ladies,

So Take Five Friday went on the back burner for a while when I booted up my YouTube channel and Facebook page but alas I want to bring it back as around this time of year pre-Xmas I get extra cranky. My parentals think I have S.A.D to be fair I probably do but it could also be the fact that people are extra annoying at this time of the year!

Anyways, here are some of the things (not all bad) that have been bothering me lately!

1. It being dark at like 4 o'clock which means you want to do the whole get cosy, watch a movie and go to bed early. Zero work

2. People using makeup straight from the testers in Boots. Yep that eye infection is free of charge and I sure do hope you don't mind cold sores. Have you ever heard of eyelash lice? Oh they exist too. No thank you.

3. Brooklyn being bloody BRILLIANT but giving me all the feels, I sobbed. If you haven't seen it yet book tickets ASAP.

4. The huns in the toilets on a night out reapplying their neon pink/red lipstick pure gee-eyed. The hair gets higher and the lips get bigger.

5. Makeup Geek launches on Beauty Bay this week.....EEP! My bank account is going to get an awful fright, no Christmas presents this year...OOPS.

So has anything put a bee in your bonnet this week? Or is it all sunshine and rainbows? Tell me in the beautiful box below! 
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