Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Disclaimer: The Honest Truth

Hey Ladies,

So something that I want to touch on is transparency. You may have seen a lot lately online about bloggers will soon have to declare any sort of income, advertising or sponsorships clearly in their videos and posts etc. When I started reading and writing my first blog there was no such this as disclosure but lately it has become the talk of not only the beauty community but blogging and youtubing in general. I always hear from friends or other beauty bloggers the uncertainty about transparency and by that I mean someone saying "I bet they are paid to say that" or when a blogger shows a new product they they love, instantly I know that the mind then travels to what do they get paid?

Basically a new law is being introduced that will stop any bloggers or youtubers from making money when they show a product in a video and don't say that the video has been sponsored. From now on they have to declare to their viewer or reader that they have been paid to mention a product or that a product has been sent to them. Now, to make this more personal I want to address my blog and you the reader. I have and always will be totally honest with you when it comes to products I have been sent. I have never been sponsored for a post and honestly, even if I was I would rather tell you and let you make your own decision on when it comes to reading said post or watching said video. If I was sent a product that didn't like or has no relevance to my blog I would never post it for the sake of keeping a PR company happy. I will from now on mark any products that I have been sent with an asterisk * so you know that I didn't buy it myself. Similarly when it comes to my videos I will disclose in the description box whether I was sent a product or not.

I don't want you to ever think that I would be dishonest about anything at all or jump to the conclusion that I was sent something and am being told to promote it on the sly. I have more to gain from being honest than dishonest and would hope that you would keep that in mind when reading my blog or watching my videos. Blogging is my hobby and not my job, I understand there are some bloggers out there trying to make a living from blogging and kudos to them because it must be extremely difficult. I have witnessed many bloggers integrity and honesty being questioned in the past while as to whether or not they are being honest with their followers about sponsorships etc and it is truly awful. I haven't seen any of those bloggers comment on this issue or put up post about it but when this new law comes into effect you will see the change in the community.

That's it from me today I will have a new video up tomorrow and if you haven't followed me on Snapchat yet you need to get on that bandwagon ASAP follow me @susangibney. Let me know your opinion on the whole transparency issue and does it annoy you when a blogger doesn't declare something in a post? Leave it all in the comments.
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