Saturday, January 02, 2016

Making A Murderer: The Incredible New Netflix Documentary

Hey Ladies, 

I know I only posted a movie review last night but I wanted to strike while the iron is hot and tell you all about Netflix's latest documentary called Making A Murderer. I am a serious crime fan, Criminal Minds and any type of CSI be it Cyber, Miami or Las Vegas are my jam. I have always been a huge crime fan maybe it's my nosey nature or the fact I love how piece by piece you put together a puzzle and catch the bad guy and Making A Murderer is right up my street. 


Let me give you a little background...
In 1985, Steven Avery was accused of the rape of Penny Bernstein. He served 18 years in prison all the while claiming he was an innocent man but no one believed him as the woman he apparently raped was an affluent member of the community whereas Steven came from nothing and had a checkered past. We follow the story as Steven's lawyers try to fight a case that from day one was nothing but doomed as the Manitowoc county police had vendetta for Steven. I don't want to give too much away as this is such an explosive documentary that you simply need to X out of this page sign into Netflix and get started asap. 

Each episode is an hour long and there is ten episodes in the series, it seems long but episodes fly by in seconds and without a second thought you're onto the next. This documentary is a roller coaster of emotion, you will feel angry that the system let Steven down, sad to see his family suffer, happy for his hope and determination, it then will come full circle again. 

This series has everyone talking and it going to be big...HUGE so what are you waiting for. Keep an eye out on my YouTube as i'm going to be doing a chatty video with spoilers on this doc so if you watch it or are currently doing so leave me a comment letting me know your thoughts!

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