Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Suzie Q Reviews: PS Love This.. Make Up Fixing Spray

Hey Ladies,

If you have been following me on Snapchat I have been sharing new products as I get them, demos and first impressions. But I am saving the full review for the blog so you will hear it here first! Last month I picked up this setting spray in Penneys on a whim, it caught my eye on a shelf and I had just run out of my beloved MUFE Mist and Fix (review here). Costing a mere €2.50 sure why not give it a bash, I couldn't pass up a deal that good. 
So I have been trying it out for the past month and I have to say I really like it, the market is flooding with setting sprays at the moment as they become the new "it" beauty product and of course Penneys was on the ball. The idea behind this spray is to prolong your makeup by fixing it into place. It comes in an aerosol can which to be honest isn't the most attractive packaging and the spray nozzle is a bit crap because it doesn't spray evenly so you will need a few sprays to cover your whole face. 

The texture of the product is a bit strange and hard to explain, when you spray it onto your face it comes out like a spray but feels like you have sprayed foam or bubbles on your skin. It only takes a second or two to dry and you're good to go. One piece of advice is try not spray this onto your lips as you will taste it throughout the day and it isn't the most pleasant taste, so try avoid that.

Does it work? Yes, I have tried it out with many different variations of foundations, concealers, powders and primers and regardless of what's on my face it lasts quite well through the day. In comparison to the likes of MAC, NYX or Makeup Forever the packaging and texture are complete polar opposites but you are basically getting the same product for a fraction of the price. If you are passing your local Penneys I would pick one up just to have handy for the likes of a night out! 

Have you tried this product or something similar? Would you bother with a setting spray or just stick to a primer?
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