Thursday, August 18, 2016

The NYX Shadows You Do/Don't Need....

Hey Ladies, 

If you have seen my latest YouTube video you will know that recently I was in Canada and spent an actual bomb in Sephora on loads of bits and bobs.... and if you haven't seen that video there is a link to it here. A couple of days after I got back from my trip I seen online loads of buzz that a new NYX counter had come to my local Boots store, not that I needed anymore makeup after my splurging but it would be rude not to have a little look and see what the counter was like! 

I was very restrained and only picked up two eye shadows that were recommended by friends, Mermaid and Fireball and from those names and the image about I am sure you can gather which is which. My friend Gracey (@Longhairandlashes on the 'Gram) is always using Mermaid in her photographs and I instantly knew that colour was a must have and as for Fireball what can I say it is too pretty to pass up. I named this post "shadows you do/don't need" because I feel like these shadows aren't the most wearable and/or obvious choice but in terms of their quality and prettiness... sure buy them anyways.
The pigment of these shadows is super strong and they have a beautiful buttery texture. They blend like a dream! Price wise we're looking at 7euro for each which is so inexpensive for what you're getting for your money versus a MAC shadow. Side note about MAC... I feel like they aren't the be all and end all in terms of shadows anymore and there is so much variety now a days that they are slowly slipping from my top 5! 
Back to NYX, these colours are definitely two shades that you could add into your collection of neutrals nicely that will easily turn a look from drab to fab. Imagine this... NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk on the eyelid and then Mermaid pressed on top or in the inner corner, then throw on a bit of liner and add some glitter for good measure and you have yourself a seriously Instagrammable eye look. Fireball is a shadow that you could add to a brown smokey eye to give it that oomph but not go too far outside your comfort zone and it is the colour that you will constantly wear from October till January with a dark lip!

In short, if you're passing a NYX counter just buy these and thank me later! 

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