Sunday, October 23, 2016

Suzie Q Reviews: ABH Modern Renaissance Palette Review

Hey Ladies,

So one of the most exciting purchases from my Summer trip to Canada was the ABH Modern Renaissance palette. It was the hardest item on my list to find as it was sold out everywhere. On my last day I just popped my head into Sephora on the off chance they got a delivery and there she was sitting there all purdy!

When I put a picture of this palette on the 'Gram everyone oooh'd and ahh'd like it was the most precious baby. After having it for a couple of months I wanted to do an honest review on whether or not you need this palette. It is STILL out of stock on the ABH website, Sephora, Cult Beauty and Beauty Bay which is crazy considering I got mine in June.
First of all the packaging is nice but it isn't at all practical. The beautiful pink lid is a soft velvety material which is destined to be destroyed in marks and makeup after just two uses. It has a nice sized mirror and the palette itself isn't too long, too wide or to bulky. The palette comes with a double ended brush with one side for blending and the other for colour application and they are really great quality. I just hate double ended brushes because they cannot be stored well.
Let's get into the nitty gritty... in all honesty this palette is gorgeous and the shades are stunning I almost didn't want to use it. There are 3 metallic and 11 matte shadows in this palette. Each shadow is 0.7grams. The biggest drawback is that the shadows have a lot of kickback when you place your brush on them, but thankfully not a huge amount of fallout when applied to the eye. Given the amount of kickback I feel like I have lost a decent amount of product during each use.

I picked up the Kat Von D Shade And Light Eye also on my trip and I haven't even dented any of those shadows, whereas I have already hit pan on two of the shades in the Renaissance palette. I picked a Renaissance palette up for my friend Grainne (@GraKaneswaranmakeup on Instagram and Facebook) and she also had the same issue. At $42 US Dollars this palette isn't cheap.

The pigmentation of the shadows is very strong as you can see in the swatches below. And the colour selection is just dreamy. I love the burnt orange shades, the deep burgundy's and the little bit of sparkly. But I do feel like this palette isn't for everyone. I think most women would get more use out of the Urban Decay Naked palette than this. I don't think red eyeshadow is every woman's ideal colour.
In terms of availability this palette is hard to get. If you're a makeup lover who doesn't mind spending the few bob and the struggle of finding it, you're gonna love it. If you're a brown smokey eye 5 minute minimal makeup person... then it won't be for you.

Do you have this palette? Do you love it? Lemme know.
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