Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Suzie Q Reviews: Anastasia Beverly Hills Sun Dipped Palette

Hey Ladies,

Highlighting and highlight palettes are definitely one of the biggest trends of 2016 and when Anastasia Beverly Hills released their Glow Kits shit hit the fan and people lost their minds over the swatches and pictures on Instagram. ABH isn't readily available in Ireland yet but I managed to pick up the "Sun Dipped" palette when I was in Canada and of course, I have to review it.
First up let's talk about the obvious which is the packaging. On one hand I hate it, I think ABH really could have glammed this up a little more. Whereas, I do think the fact there is no mirror or brush means more product and no wasted space. I love the fact that the pans are removable so you could put these in your own palette for travel or in your kit if you are a makeup artist.

The pan sizes are HUGE and to be honest unless you are a makeup artist you will not need all four shades. If ABH releases these individually that would be ideal but the palette costs C$52 or £39 and if these were sold individually you'd be paying at least 20quid for one so maybe it is better just to buy the palette.
The powders are a super soft buttery texture and blend into the skin gorgeously. There is no chunky glitter and they do not show up skin texture issues as bad as other brands I have tried. There is two palettes in the range and as I mentioned I picked up the "Sun Dipped" as the "That Glow" palette was sold out. If you are a paler girl you wouldn't see this palette as the obvious choice for you but I promise you definitely can wear the shade "Summer". "Moonstone" is a beautiful shade for girls who have more of a tan. "Bronzed" and "Tourmaline" I have yet to try as I don't have skin dark enough to pull them off but I will be wearing them as eye shadows until I do!

These highlighters have been all over Instagram and YouTube! Often I have seen people doing a light swatch and the pigment appears to be so strong you can see them from about 10ft away? I find that these are insanely gorgeous but they are very different in real life compared to what is being shown online. They are very pigmented, more than most I've tried but they aren't *that* intense so don't get your hopes up if you do purchase a palette.

ABH is hard to find but you can pick up this palette from Cult Beauty for £39 both colour options are currently out of stock and I can understand why! Stay tuned as I will be reviewing more Sephora bits and bobs on the blog in the coming weeks but until then check out my Instagram and Snapchat where you will see all of these products in action.

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